About This Memorial

This memorial site started in 1999, it was initially meant as a memorial to my great grandfather, Charles Henry Bishop, a stoker aboard HMS Good Hope when she was lost at Coronel. It contained his service history and a record of ships that he served aboard, as well as a brief description of the battle in which he and his shipmates died.

Following much research I found that although nearly 1,600 men were lost at Coronel, with the loss of HMS Good Hope and HMS Monmouth, and that there is no single memorial to be found in the UK to the actual battle. There are several memorials which mention the battle, but those that do are either for an individual or for the entire war. The only known memorials to what took place off Coronel, Chile can be found in Stanley Cathedral on the Falkland Islands or in Coronel itself.

The site then developed and after many months of research became The Coronel Memorial, the only memorial that was specifically for this battle and that named all those who perished. It contains details of the ships involved, reports of the battle, a searchable database of all those who perished, as well as photographs and corrospondence of some of those who were lost.

The Coronel Memorial website is run on a not for profit basis.