Much of the information found on this site would not have been possible without the help and resources of others. My thanks and appreciation goes to the following;

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Without this wonderful source of information, this site would have taken considerable longer to research than it did; their database of Commonwealth Forces who died in combat is second to none.

The Imperial War Museum
A superb source for material.

WW1 Naval Combat
One of the best sources on the web for information on the naval battles of World War One. Includes the descriptions of the battles of Coronel, The Falklands and Jutland. If you're researching naval combat in WW1 then this is a site not to be missed.

Colin Patterson-Smith (Falkland Islands Museum)
A special mention for Colin; the help you gave proved invaluable, it has enabled me to complete some new pages, which without your help would have taken a lot longer or not have been at all.

And to all those who have contributed by supplying photograhs, crew information, news paper clippings etc.