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Below are the awards that this site has received, along with any statement by the award giver.
April 2005

What a shame we have no higher award than our Gold Maritime Web Award to offer. I have just spent well over half an hour, thoroughly absorbed, reading your spendid collected accounts, information and materials about the Battle of Coronel. As an important historical record of this battle in November 1914, it is difficult to imagine how it could be bettered, especially as the Battle of Coronel is not widely commemorated or even known about in the UK. Naval reverses are not a thing that the British tend to like to remember, but Admiral Craddock and his men (including your Great-Grandfather) upheld the finest traditions of the Royal Navy, even though equipped with horrendously inferior vessels and fire-power than their German counterparts.

November 2003
Jetzone Award Graphic
I'm happy to inform you that you have won the Jetzone 1 Star Merit Award for your informative Coronel Memorial website. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to share your work with the rest of the internet community.

August 2003
Golden Web Award 2003 Graphic
This is the first award that The Coronel Memorial has won, I am grateful to the I.A.W.M.D. members for it.


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