Gloucester Brothers


At Monday’s meeting of the Gloucester City Council, Mr W.L. Edwards, referring to the Mayor’s description of the Sheriff and himself (Mr Bruton) as twins, because they had both entered the Council on the same day, said he was reminded of a very tragic incident of which he had heard. It happened that on the HMS Good Hope, which went down in the Pacific, there were two Gloucester men, named Turner, who were twins – one had been an employee of the Corporation, and the other of Messrs. Beavon and Co. – and both had perished with the vessel. Speaking with emotion, Mr. Edwards said that in the one case there was a family of six children, and he knew it would be the wish of the Council that everything that was possible should be done for them.

The brothers referred to are Edward Turner, 94, Cecil-road and Henry Turner, 26, Granville-street, Gloucester.

Article from the Gloucester Journal, dated November 14, 1914.
Supplied by Julia Smees, Grand-daughter of Edward Turner.