Canopus Signal

Enclosure No.     with letter from "CANOPUS", No.9, dated     th. November 1914.
From       "CANOPUS".
To         Governor, Falkand Islands.
Date       7th. November 1914.     8.30 p.m.

Please send following message to British Minister Montevideo for Admiralty and Admiral, 5th. Cruiser Squadron.


At 4.40 p.m. Sunday, 1st. November, "CANOPUS" then in latitude 41.20 S., longitude 76.10 W., course N 10 W speed 9 knots, with colliers "BENBROOK" and "LANGOE", and XXXXXXXXXXX approximately 200 miles south of our cruisers "GOOD HOPE, MONMOUTH, GLASGOW and OTRANTO, intercepted XXXXX signal from GLASGOW to GOOD HOPE that enemy had been sighted.

CANOPUS raised steam full speed and proceeded to northward.
Signal sent from HMS Canopus

At 8.45 p.m. received first intimation that squadron had been engaged from GLASGOW. Signal read "Fear GOOD HOPE lost, our squadron scattered".

CANOPUS continued course to northward at full speed until 1 a.m. Monday, 2nd. November, in hope of rendering assistance to any ships being chased by superior force, Ship's position being signalled.

At 1 a.m. having had no communication except from GLASGOW since 6 p.m. 1st. November, made rendezvous with GLASGOW who was steering SW, 20 knots, and steered to cut off colliers and order them return to Falkland Islands.

3.30 a.m. Signalled colliers to return Falkland and altered course to southward and gave ship's position to GLASGOW with orders to overhaul CANOPUS and rendezvous Falklands. Reduced speed to 14 knots.

It was blowing southerly gale with heavy sea.

There was systematic jambing [sic] by enemy's ships from 4.30 p.m. 1st. November until 5 a.m. 2nd. November, rendering it most difficult to obtain signals.

GLASGOW passed ahead night of 2nd. and proceeded through Magellan Straits and made rendezvous with CANOPUS in Spiteful Bay, Friday, 6th. at daylight when CANOPUS escorted her to Falklands, she being short of coal and unseaworthy from gunfire and gale from S W.

OTRANTO'S position at 5 p.m., Monday, 2nd. November, was latitude 39.36 S., longitude 78.6 W., course S. 18 W., 17 knots. rendezvous at Falklands was signalled her.

Her position on Friday, 11 p.m., was latitude 55 S. Longitude 63 W., course N.25 E., speed 14 knots. She was ordered Monte Video by CANOPUS.
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Handwritten note by M. E. T. D. Vlasto:
Canopus Lat. 51S Long 59.18W Course S72E Speed 12 kt.

Source: © Christopher Long <>


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