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Please contact me by use of one of the methods below for any of the following reasons:-
1. To let me know of any corrections or omissions.
2. To provide further information.
3. For general feedback about this site.
4. Suggestions for the site.
5. To request a link exchange.

All the information that I currently have about the battle, the ships involved and the individual crew members is already available on the site.

Please note that this site is run by one person and due to the large number of requests that are made for further information about one or more casualties, I can no longer respond to them. If however you contact me for one of the reasons listed above and have requested a response then you will receive one.

I shall endeavour to reply to all messages received as soon as possible, the speed with which I am able to do this will depend on the number of contacts received and other work.

Sorry, but the contact form is currently offline due to excessive spam.
Possible replacements are being looked at.


22 Moorland Crescent
United Kingdom

All information received of any respondents, is treated in the utmost confidence and will not be passed to any other person or organisation without permission. The Coronel Memorial is not a contact service, any requests to pass on information or to request that someone who provided information contact them will be refused. If you are receiving unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) purporting to be from The Coronel Memorial please send a copy of the e-mail (both headers and content) so that it may be investigated.


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