Dear Sally

Dear Wife
I write this loving and affectionate letter to let you know that I am still alive and in good health up to the present, hoping you are the same and the children also.  Now Dearest you must not upset yourself when you are waiting for a letter as you must know, remember, that it takes six or seven weeks for a letter to get to England, and it takes us all our time to be able to write for we have such a lot of work to do.

Now Dear Wife I will be able to tell you where we are staying, at least the base which we use but don't forget you must not use this direction.  Now Dear Sally I can hardly realise that there is 9,000 mile's between us as I am in Falkland Island, an English Port in the extreme south of North America, and the reason that our ships are here is to Protect the trade rout from here to England, as there is a few German ship's out here, and I can tell you it as been awfull for us here because we have been chaseing them for week's now, but they always run away and won't fight us.  There intention is to sink our store ships that carry our Provisions, but we have our's arranged from England to here so they wont do much damage.  Now Dear Sally I might tell you that we are getting better food now, and I got a few pounds of English Bacon here, but oh my, the price was shocking 2/3 Per Pound but never mind I had a good feed for once. 

Now Dear Sally I am writeing this letter again without ever a single line from you and I can tell you that the suspence is awful as it would lighten our hearts a bit if we could only get a letter but we shift about from place to place that it is not safe enough yet, but on know account must you stop writeing because I can follow them up when I get the lot, when I get them so keep on writeing.

Now Dear Wife I hope you are keeping your heart up as much as I am keeping mine for I hope to God that we shall be together before long.  It is true that while the war is on we don't know what day or night we might go into action, but if anything should happen to me dont forget that I love you better than anything in the world, and always teach Arthur and Stanley to love There Dad, now dont get upset through this letter being a bit of solemn news as you must remember it is my duty to tell you this, and dont let anything make you uneasy as you must buck up the same as me and hope for the best.

Now Dear Sally I got a newspaper from one of our merchant ships at least I had to fight for it.  I got a Liverpool Post, and I was shocked to see that there was a bit concerning our Police Court, it was about a Reserve Soldier’s wife being turned out by the Landlord, but I was very pleased to see that our Chief said he would see into the matter.

Now old duck I have alloted 2.10.0 a month to you , and I daresay you will have drawn about 14.0.0 by the time you get this letter as I have only drawn a few shillings every month for myself, but whatever you get keep a list of it , as we can tell properly what we get, as we should get extra pay in war time, and if there is anything wrong it will be made right when the war is over. 

Now Dear Sally I am getting tired as I havent got much rest lately, so I will bring my letter to a close, hoping you are having a nice glass of stout, and getting ready for bed to dream of me, and say that when Tom wrote this letter he was in good spirits.

Now dont forget to give my love to Mother, Father, and family and Jack.  And tell Dad and Jack that I would write them a letter but I really can't get time, as it as taken me 4 hours to get this finished. 

So Dearest loving wife, I will bring my letter to a close with the best love to you and the children.  I remain your loving Husband Tom
Tell Arthur that Father will bring him back a German ship
xxxxxxxxxx for the children

Information supplied and transcribed by Susan Cronshaw
(Grand-daughter of Thomas)


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