Crew Details

PO/7057, Colour Sergeant, Royal Marine Light Infantry
HMS Good Hope

Thomas Julin was born at Eastney, Portsmouth, on September 9 1874.

He first enlisted at Eastney Barracks, October 22, 1888, age 14, as a Bugler in the Royal Marine Artillery (number RMA/3592) but was discharged on April 23, 1889, as "Not likely to make an efficient Bugler". Not discouraged from pursuing a military career, he enlisted in the 2nd Hants Artillery Volunteers in 1892, then re-enlisted in the Royal Marines at Gosport on September 29 1893, this time as PO/7057 Pte. Royal Marines Light Infantry (R.M.L.I.)

Private Julin's first sea-service was aboard HMS Australia, March 27, 1895 to March 26 1896, followed shortly after in joining HMS Intrepid for three years, April 28, 1896 to July 8, 1899. After his service aboard HMS Intrepid, Julin spent the next four years at the Portsmouth Barracks and other shore based establishments.

He married Lily on December 25, 1899 and took up residence at 12 Parham Road, Forton, Gosport. On April 5, 1900, he was promoted to Corporal.

In March 1904 he embarked aboard HMS Hercules for five months, returning to the Portsmouth Barracks in early October 1904 and was promoted Sergeant on October 11, 1904. Then in late March 1905 Sergeant Julin joined HMS Good Hope for the first of his two terms aboard. It was whilst aboard the Good Hope and nearing completion of his 12 year term of engagement, that he was 'Re-engaged' on August 31, 1905, to complete time for pension (21 years). He served aboard HMS Good Hope from March 28, 1905 until July 16, 1907, going to America in April 1907.

In July 1907 Sergeant Julin returned to the Portsmouth Barracks. There he received his RN Long Service medal on November 1, 1908 having completed 15 years service and being in possession of three Good Conduct Badges. He remained in the UK, at the Portsmouth Barracks or in RN Training establishments, for the next six years. He was employed as "Pioneer Sergeant" (Portsmouth Div.) from March 4, 1908 to January 21, 1910, and Sergeants Mess Steward (Portsmouth Div.) from February 1, 1910 to May 31, 1912. Then in November 1913 he returned to HMS Good Hope for his last year of life and service. He was promoted Colour Sergeant on January 13, 1914, which made him the senior R.M.L.I. Non-Commissioned Officer aboard the Good Hope.

Details taken reproduced with kind permission from The Campaign for War Grave Commemorations website.