British Columbia Mountains

In the Chilko Lake area of British Columbia you will find several features that have names associated with the Battle of Coronel, whether they were intended as a memorial to the battle is unknown as no conclusive evidence to this has been found. If however they were meant to commemorate the battle then only the initial names suggested, Good Hope and Monmouth, could be considered as such, the others were then named in logical association following the long standing mountaineering tradition of assigning names by a theme.

On June 6, 1923, Richard Preston Bishop, BCLS (British Columbia Land Surveyor), suggested the names of Good Hope and Monmouth, after the Royal Navy armoured cruisers HMS Good Hope and HMS Monmouth. He and his assistant, George Durham, had climbed both peaks in a 1922 whilst carrying out a triangulation survey. On May 6, 1924, the names of Mount Good Hope and Mount Monmouth were adopted, the form of the names were later changed to Good Hope Mountain (April 16, 1950) and Monmouth Mountain (September 6, 1951).

Monmouth Mountain
Monmouth Mountain
Photograph by Don Funk of the

The theme was later expanded by an Alpine Club of Canada in 1953 to include; Admiral Ridge (adopted 1965), Canopus Mountain (adopted 1965), Coronel Mountain (adopted 1965), Cradock Glacier (adopted 1960), Glasgow Mountain (adopted 1965), Mount Cradock (adopted 1965) and Otranto Mountain (adopted 1960).

In 1957, the theme was further expanded by an Alpine Club of Canada with the inclusion of Dresden Mountain, Leipzig Mountain and Scharnhorst Mountain, with all three names later being adopted.

Richard Preston Bishop was born on September 14, 1884, in Starcross, Devon, England. He was an officer in the British Admiralty (1906-07), and gained his commission as a Land Surveyor in 1911. He carried out surveys, in British Columbia near Lillooet in 1912 and 1913 as well as in the Cariboo, north of Quensel, in 1915. During World War 2 he served as a Captain. On February 13, 1954, he died at Victoria aged 70. The Bishop River (originally East Fork Southgate River), which flows west into Southgate River, southwest of Chilko Lake, was named after him in 1923 and adopted on May 6, 1924.

Admiral Ridge 2547 51°06’00’’ 124°09’00’’
Canopus Mountain 2734 51°04’00’’ 124°13’00’’
Coronel Mountain 2668 51°04’00’’ 124°10’00’’
Cradock Glacier - 51°02’00’’ 124°14’00’’
Cradock, Mount 2823 51°03’00’’ 124°14’00’’
Dresden Mountain 2656 51°03’00’’ 124°10’00’’
Glasgow Mountain 2923 51°08’00’’ 124°08’00’’
Good Hope Mountain 3242 51°09’00’’ 124°11’00’’
Leipzig Mountain 2715 51°04’00’’ 124°14’00’’
Monmouth Mountain 3182 50°59’00’’ 123°47’00’’
Otranto Mountain 2714 51°05’00’’ 124°14’00’’
Scharnhorst Mountain 2588 51°03’00’’ 124°12’00’’
Bishop River - 50°59’00’’ 124°22’00’’


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Despite having the same family name, no connection between Richard Preston Bishop and my great-grandfather Charles Henry Bishop has been found.


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