Memorial Plaque

The memorial plaque was awarded to the next of kin of those British and Commonwealth service personnel who lost their lives on active service during the First World War. It was/is known as 'The dead man's penny'.

The Plaque shows Britannia bestowing a laurel crown on a rectangular tablet bearing the full name of the dead in raised lettering. In front stands the British Lion, with dolphins in the upper field, an oak branch lower right, and a lion cub clutching a fallen eagle in the exergue. The inscription round the circumference reads HE (or SHE) DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOUR. A parchment scroll was issued with each plaque giving the deceased's name and unit.

They were awarded after the war in 1919. Just under 2 million were awarded, of which 600 were 'SHE DIED'.

 Memorial Scroll

 Memorial Plaque

 Letter from King George V

The plaque is made from bronze and has a diameter of 120mm (4.72 inches). The plaque and scroll were sent separately and both were accompanied by a letter from King George V which bore a copy of his signature.

Images of scroll and letter taken reproduced with kind permission from The Campaign for War Grave Commemorations website.